Using an Excel 2013 ProPlus PowerPivot pivot table, I have the following: (+ indicating a drill-down point)


Below is what I would like to have:

+Attribute-1   Attribute-2

Attribute-2 is functionally dependent on Attribute-1 (they are both attributes of the same table).

If I were using an Excel pivot table to view a SSAS OLAP cube, I would select OLAP Tools => Property Fields and select the desired properties that I designated as not participating in an hierarchy when I designed the cube. This would allow me to display related data on the same row without a drill-down.

I cannot find the equivalent functionality in the PowerPivot model or elsewhere.


This can be done by going to PivotTable options in Excel, Display Tab and tick on "Classic PivotTable layout..." (the fifth checkbox in the image below):

PivotTable display options

Then change subtotals to not display in Field Settings:

Field Settings

  • Then change subtotals to not display in field settings... – Des Nov 11 '16 at 3:21

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