I'm trying to set region captions to list all windows on active (focused) screen region, and only the title for other regions. For example:

caption always "%?%F %w %: %n*%t %?"

should display something like this:

1 Bash  2*Vim  3 Ipython      |  3*Ipython

However, the full list is displayed on both regions. Why does this happen and how can I fix it?


It happens because the %? *first part* %:%? will evaluate to true if one or more %escapes evaluates to a non-empty string. In your example %w expands to a list, making the first part true regardless of the %F modifier.

The closest I can get to circumventing this "flaw" is below, but it only gives the active and inactive regions different colors, not different content.

caption always '%?%F%{rk}%:%{wk}%n %?%F%:(%t) %?  %?'

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