I'm given the following instructions:

You must set the sun.lang.ClassLoader.allowArraySyntax system property to true by adding the following to the JVM arguments:


How do I do that? I go here:

enter image description here

But I cannot edit the Runtime Parameters in the System tab. And even on the Users tab, it will not save my changes. I need this to be a system-wide change.

I ran the Java Control Panel by Right-clicking it and choosing Run as Administrator. I'm full admin on this machine.


Double-click the 'Runtime Parameters' box in the USER side and edit it there.

These changes will get propagated to the SYSTEM side.

Please don't ask me why, I don't want to consider the ramifications.

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    Sure enough... I see the same behavior. I'm not sure Oracle really gets the distinction between user and system...
    – Ryan Ries
    May 6 '13 at 19:34

edit "%APPDATA%\Sun\Java\Deployment\deployment.properties"

records ... .args=

notepad "%APPDATA%\Sun\Java\Deployment\deployment.properties"

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