A user somehow deleted the ability to create new folders from the Windows context menu.

A typical correct context menu: A correct context menu

The user's context menu (in this case, right-clicking an empty spot of her desktop): The broken context menu

Sometime in the past week the Folder entry was lost. The user can still create folders by copying existing ones and renaming, but obviously that is a silly workaround. I know how to make a context menu entry for a normal file, but not for a folder. How is this repaired?



That link should help out. Download that zip, extract the restore registry file, run it, restart the computer, and hopefully it should be back!

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Add the following entries into the registry



All the values are of type REG_SZ but IconPath which has type REG_EXPAND_SZ with value %SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,3

Alternatively, you can download this registry file and import it into the registry.

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