Avast! antivirus let me choose whether to load its services before or after other system services.

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I noticed that by unchecking that box (and letting avast load first) the system boot hangs and it is slower to load, while if I check it and let the system load its own services, the boot is smoother. The latter seems to be the best option, at least from the performance point of view, but I'm a bit concerned about security.

Now, being a feature included in the antivirus software, I prone to think that also from the security point of view there would be no problems to do so, but still, I wonder if loading Avast services after all other system ones could leave open a possible time-frame where I'm not protected against malware.

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    If its an option in the security software itself there is no security risk. – Ramhound May 11 '13 at 11:35
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    Not necessarily, Ramhound, it's not like anti-viruses are bullet-proof, this might offer a security risk by allowing infected processes to run before avast, I think it's a genuine concern. It might not, though. This isn't answerable unless one knows exactly how the software operates, which would require having access to the source code. In any case, having an anti-virus is like protecting yourself from the sun with a strainer. – Alex May 12 '13 at 22:39

Being on the fact its on the troubleshooting page, its likely that there are known issues with loading Avast before the system services. It makes sense that its slower loading the system services after Avast, as Avast is doing AV checks on those services - they are executables. It is probably "safest" to have Avast load first, unless you feel you cant live without the speed. Is it safe? Not as safe as loading before the system services, but should be adequate.

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