The program reads out the entire web address

for example it pronounces the ENTIRETY of "http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/ITCG/thread/0ac15d76-1491-404a-9bd8-a8401dac0078/"

that's pretty annoying.

I want it to read web addresses as "X dot com weblink" or just "web link" similar to the program Textaloud. Is there a way to get Balabolka to make this substitution?


Figured this out. It allows wildcards with * symbol

Can put before and after eg. abc abc* *abc

  • oops, nevermind. that is only a step in the right direction. Want to read the entire long web address as "web link" – ms. mann May 13 '13 at 23:49

Balabolka supports Regular Expressions in Search and Replace. You could do this:

Search for http/https URLs (save domain in $1): %rex%https?://([^ \t/$.?#][^/ \t]+)[^ \t]*. Replace with $1 web link to obtain "foo.com web link", or just with web link.

Use with care.

This would be easier in a decent text editor though: you'd have better regex, and redo support!

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