Can ddclient be configured in /etc/ddclient.conf, to send dynamic DNS updates periodically, in addition to when the IP address changes?

Why? Fremium provider dyndns requires an update be made every 30 days, else a free account expires. I switched from AT&T where this was never a problem to a Sonic.net, a more reliable service provider. Now my dynamic IP address is stable for months at a time.

  • To be clear: I'm on an ISP that has very stable DHCP, so my IP address may stay the same for 30 or more days. If ddclient detects a change it updates dyndns, else it stays silent and my account expires. – Bryce Jun 5 '13 at 4:31

See the ddclient README:


If you have not configured ddclient to use daemon-mode, you'll need to
configure cron to force an update once a month so that the dns entry will
not become stale.

  ## configure cron to force an update twice a month
  cp sample-etc_cron.d_ddclient /etc/cron.d/ddclient
  vi /etc/cron.d/ddclient
  • Cron? I guess I missed the obvious, assuming ddclient had the function built in. – Bryce Jun 5 '13 at 1:23

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