The first computer I used at home — this was in the late 1980s, I guess — was an IBM PC AT running DOS. But when I turned on the computer, a screen came up with a menu of applications. It looked something like this:

    List 1     |      Games        |    Another list
  WordPerfect  |     Tetris        |  Quicken
  Something    |     Whatever      |  Foo
  Another      |     Another       |  Bar

    List 4     |      List 5       |    One more list
  Whatever     |     Something     |  Baz
  Blah Blah    |     Whatever      |  Xyzzy
  Another      |     Another       |  Qqqqq

These were selected using the keyboard. There was also some way to escape to the DOS prompt.

Does anyone know what UI-program this was?

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    @msh210 - There is no way of knowing what program you used. The market was huge and everyone copied everyone else looking for that additional 0.05% share. – Ramhound May 14 '13 at 18:29

There were several programs that had this sort of UI. The market for menu programs for DOS was pretty large. It's hard to tell exactly what one was on the one you used, but there are many similar programs out there. I've used a few, myself (some mouse-driven, and some not).

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