I am attempting to import a large (5 GB) .pst file created in Outlook 2007 for Windows into Outlook 2011 for Mac. When I view the file in Outlook 2007 I have a large number of messages at the top level (e.g. at the "personal folders" level in the picture below) as well as a single Sent subfolder into which I've manually sorted messages I've sent.

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I've followed the import instructions. After importing I can see the Sent folder, which seems to contain all the messages it should, but at the top-level Personal Folders is empty and none of the other messages are in there.

enter image description here

Why are the other messages not being imported correctly?

Real-time follow-up

From Windows, I created another Archive folder and dragged all the content from the top-level into that subfolder and re-imported. Same result: only a single Sent folder and none of the top-level messages.


I don't have an answer as to why the other folder didn't import properly, but I found a work around.

In a Windows-based version of Outlook I opened the PST file and exported everything at the top level but not in the Sent folder into a separate PST file. I then separately imported this separate file into Outlook for Mac.

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