I am looking for a list of markups that the Sharepoint Wiki (3.0) supports. The starter page they give you when you first start a wiki shows how to use the "[[ ]]" tags to create links, but I am looking for a complete list of supported markup, but cannot find it anywhere. I've been all over the Microsoft Office site, I've looked in the included help in Sharepoint. I'm starting to think that the only markup they support are the "[[ ]]" tags.

Things I'd like to be able to do, for example, would be to embed a date, like the last updated date in the page somewhere, or how to format external links, etc. Is there a way to easily find "orphaned" pages - pages that do not have any incoming links? Is there a way to find pages that need to be created - if I create a [[link]] to a new page, but don't create the new page, can I get a list of those? I am finding 0 documentation.

Any suggestions on a good resource for Sharepoint wikis?

Thanks in advance!



There are some notes at this Stackoverflow question:
Does SharePoint in any way support Wiki markup languages?

There is also this general SharePoint forum on TechNet.

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    Great - it says: 'Most commonly the "[[page]]" markup is the only utilized wiki markup in SharePoint wikis'. So in other words, Sharepoint Wikis are just WYSIWYG pages with the capability to link to each other. sigh – BrianH Oct 23 '09 at 20:12
  • @Brian, Well, it also says look at codeplex link. Did you? – nik Oct 23 '09 at 20:13
  • Not the answer I was looking for, but it looks like the correct answer :) – BrianH Oct 23 '09 at 20:13
  • @nik - Yep, I am looking at that link - however, I'm not a Sharepoint admin or anything, so I'm thinking it won't be a solution for me - but I will dig in and check it out a bit - it has some of the functions I am hoping for! – BrianH Oct 23 '09 at 20:16

I'm the program manager responsible for wikis in SharePoint.

Correct - [[ for links is the only syntax SharePoint wikis support in both 2007 and 2010

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    Well that's pretty cool that you are a SuperUser user :) Thanks for the info - it's good to know for sure rather than hunting everywhere just in case. The addition of the wiki in SharePoint is a great step! (we just migrated from an older version of SP, so I was happy to have wikis in this version). Again, I appreciate your answer - good to hear it straight from the source! – BrianH Oct 28 '09 at 13:22
  • Does anyone know about any SP addons which might handle additional markup? I would like to be able to paste Markdown or MediaWiki markup into SP. – dtlussier Sep 27 '12 at 20:32

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