I have a combined DVD / HD-DVD / Blu-ray drive on my machine (yeah, I'm very much the big man) which is all great and everything.

However, I've got quite a few region 1 DVDs that it won't play. I know I can switch my drive's region but this is limited to 5 times only.

Is there a way I can make the drive permanently multi-region or lift this limit, the same way you can with most DVD players?

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If you don't live in the 'land of the free' you can also install DVD43 which decrypts DVDs in the background and shows them to the player as region free.

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AnyDVD HD can strip the region codes from (most?) HD and Blu-Ray disks. I do not believe either DVD43 or VLC will do that, I think they only work on DVDs.


Most drives will not let you do this - but you should be able to use a program like VLC to get around the regions in software.

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