I want netcat to pipe the output of a tcp/ip connection to commands that examine the output and split it into distinct files separated by the strings "msg" and "/msg" from the output, something like

nc host port | while :
split 'msg' '/msg' > timestamp.txt

but I can't get the syntax right. In an ideal world, I'd also like the whole of the output of nc appending to another file, say big_data.txt. Maybe I should use grep?

I know how to send nc output to a file and can work out how to split it, but the file will keep appending for 12 hours each day. Also, I think it's more efficient to split the data as it arrives.


I did it all in R.

    stream_processor <- function(host_,port)
     con2 <- socketConnection(host=host_, port=port_)
    # as non-blocking, may need to loop for input
    while(isIncomplete(con2)) {
        z <- unlist(readLines(con2,1000))
     write(z, file=paste(make.names(date()),'.stream',sep=''))

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