I use Emacs for writing, not for coding. Is there an easy way, in Emacs or Emacs org-mode, to define a text string as a variable so that I can use it repeatedly?

Example: I created a template invoice.org. It would be cool to put a variable like $CLIENTNAME in the headers, in the table, on the cover page, in #+TITLE:, and in the thank you, use that as a template, and then quickly generate a new PDF for each new client by just adding a line at the beginning like let $CLIENTNAME="Jane Doe".

How do I do this?


You want to use Macros (see the manual)

You can define them by using

#+MACRO: clientname Jane Doe

and then call them by inserting {{{clientname}}} in the document where desired.

On export {{{clientname}}} will expand to Jane Doe.

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