So this morning, I had a fresh install of Windows 7 pro, on a new SSD (Patriot TorqX 128gb), which I just put in to a new Dell Studio XPS 9000. Everything was fine. I booted to windows, no problem. I go to work.

8 hours later, I come home, and I'm greeted by my boot screen complaining about no bootable devices.

Windows repair from the Windows 7 pro disk says it can't fix the problem. It doesn't see any windows installs.

I boot up GParted, and my SSD is completely unallocated. No space used, no partitions.

Perhaps this is related to allowing windows 7 to create a utility partition when I installed? Only thing I can think of.

Is there some kind of known hardware issue that can result in an SSD completely wiping itself?


The utility (100 Meg) partition of Windows 7 is perfectly good and used for the bootloader.

I have not seen this problem before and have used a few SSD's recently, but not that model.

I suggest you look to see if a firmware update is available and if not, it is possible you have a defective unit.

  • Firmware came at the latest revision, so I guess I'm looking at RMAing the drive at this point. – Charles Randall Oct 23 '09 at 23:57

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