I've used PRELUDE to work better in terminal, but I'd love to work with my default Terminal theme(colors).

Zenburn-theme comes default with Prelude but It just work great the first time i run emacs with prelude recently installed. The next times, prelude makes a dark background in the currently working line. It is not cool.

I've used M-x disable-themes but I don't get my terminal colors either. Now the working line has a fluorecent green background. Not confortable at all.

How can I run prelude and keep my system terminal colors?

Thanks in advance.

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    Also you need to add the export TERM=xterm-256color to the .bashrc file to avoid the horrible colors. That way everything work. – AAlvz Dec 11 '13 at 19:07

As stated in the prelude README, try to include in your personal.el customization file

(disable-theme 'zenburn)

This should provide you a theme-free emacs.

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I tend to comment code enabling the theme at ~/.emacs.d/core/prelude-ui.el. This if better especially for GUI version, as otherwise the theme flashes on startup as it loads and then gets disabled.

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