I'm parsing an ntpq output to pass its contents to our database via console utility. The first element is a one character substring containing status of the remote. It can be "*", "+", "o", "#" etc. I'd better put it to the DB as a number, so it can be easily held by stored procedures, but I have no idea, how to convert a character into it's ASCII representation in bash.


Put your character into the variable A.

printf '%d\n' "'$A"

Some examples:

$ A="*"; printf '%d\n' "'$A"
$ A="+"; printf '%d\n' "'$A"
$ A="#"; printf '%d\n' "'$A"
$ A="o"; printf '%d\n' "'$A"
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    This probably goes without saying, but the variable itself isn't required: e.g., printf '%d\n' "'*". May 14 '18 at 0:26

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