I have several machines ( work / home / laptop ) running on debian sid with the same version firefox.

I want to sync open tabs, bookmarks and installed plugins without firefox restart ( it's really annoying to restart it every time I return home from work and vice versa ). No history or cookies / passwords sync is required.

There are several options for sync:

  • firefox sync ( requires external server usage, that I do not trust )
  • settings directory ( ~/.mozilla/firefox ) sync ( firefox restart is required )
  • various plugins ( requires restart or I didn't search carefully )

Is there a way to sync without tabs restart?

There is direct access via ssh ( any other ways also may be shared ) between all these machines.


As a matter of fact, you can run your own Firefox Sync server. Any kind of synchronization is going to require something that's on at the time you want to sync. You could also look at some plugins, but they are going to do just that: upload your data somewhere so the other computer can download your stuff.


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