I've added a custom search engine in Firefox, but then realized that its name/title was too long.

How do I edit a custom search engine's name in Firefox?

I tried going to 'Manage Search Engines...', but it only allows me to edit the keyword, not the name.

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You can find the Search Providers in your Firefox Profile (search.json)


Replace user and profile with your profile names.

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You can do that with the Organize Search Engines extension.

It will replace the "manage search engines" dialog with another one which has way more options to, well, manage your search engines :)

Due to a change in the new search bar in Firefox 34, the current latest version of Organize Search Engines (1.7) will only work in Firefox 34 and later versions if browser.search.showOneOffButtons in about:config is set to 'false' (reverting the search bar to its pre-v34 functionality).

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  • The author has currently taken down the extension in Mozilla Add-ons, probably because it won't work with the new search bar in Firefox 34, unless you revert it to its old search bar functionality by setting browser.search.showOneOffButtons in about:config to 'false'. I've suggested an edit adding this info and edited the link to point instead to its Google Code page where it can still be downloaded. – galacticninja Dec 13 '14 at 12:23

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