I believe my problems started when I installed a printer with an incorrect driver.

Now I have a broken Print Spooler and I cannot interact with anything that has to do with printing.

I have to go to "Computer Management -> services -> Print Spooler -> start service" to even see the printers under "Devices and Printers".

I can see this window: enter image description here

Taking any action on any printer causes the spool to crash.

What are my options?

is there anything like cleanspl.exe for XP that I can use on this Windows 7 machine? or is there a better solution?


Well if the problem is as you described, then you can manually install another driver for the device.

  1. Go into Computer Management and then Devices.
  2. Locate the printer you installed the driver for, right click it
  3. Select Update Driver
  4. Manually select the right driver file by choosing to do so from the disk.

Now, if that problem really were the root of your issues this should solve it. As per Microsoft, they suggest removing all your printers and starting from scratch.

Also suggested there, you can try clearing the printing sub system.

  1. In Explorer, rename everything in this folder (or delete it)
  2. Go into the registry by typing REGEDIT into the run dialog box
  3. Navigate to the following key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environment\Windows NT x86
  4. In this key, there should be two subkeys
    Print Processors
  5. If there are any other subkeys, export them (in case this causes you problems) and then delete them.
  6. Navigate to the following key:
  7. In this key, there should be 7 subkeys
    BJ Language Monitor
    Local Port
    Microsoft Document Imaging Writer Monitor
    Microsoft Shared Fax Monitor
    Standard TCP/IP Port
    USB Monitor
    WSD Port
  8. If there are any extra keys, export them and delete them.
  9. Reconnect to any printers, taking care to install the proper drivers

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