I ran a netstap -p tcp on my machine (A macbook) and noticed a number of entries for something called localhost.armtechdaemo. Searching the web doesn't really give me anything useful.

Does anyone know what this is?


Mystery solved. Running lsof -i|grep armtech gives the following:

ruby      19934 troelskn    7u  IPv4 0xeb92ec3a084dd599      0t0  TCP localhost:armtechdaemon (LISTEN)
ruby      19934 troelskn    8u  IPv4 0xeb92ec3a0431e821      0t0  TCP localhost:armtechdaemon->localhost:59101 (CLOSE_WAIT)
ruby      20202 troelskn    7u  IPv4 0xeb92ec3a084dd599      0t0  TCP localhost:armtechdaemon (LISTEN)
ruby      20202 troelskn    9u  IPv4 0xeb92ec3a027e69b1      0t0  TCP localhost:armtechdaemon->localhost:60640 (CLOSE_WAIT)
ruby      25215 troelskn    7u  IPv4 0xeb92ec3a084dd599      0t0  TCP localhost:armtechdaemon (LISTEN)
ruby      25215 troelskn   10u  IPv4 0xeb92ec3a00664b41      0t0  TCP localhost:armtechdaemon->localhost:56512 (CLOSE_WAIT)
ruby      30121 troelskn    7u  IPv4 0xeb92ec3a084dd599      0t0  TCP localhost:armtechdaemon (LISTEN)
ruby      30121 troelskn   11u  IPv4 0xeb92ec3a08eb89b1      0t0  TCP localhost:armtechdaemon->localhost:55730 (CLOSE_WAIT)
ruby      32818 troelskn    7u  IPv4 0xeb92ec3a084dd599      0t0  TCP localhost:armtechdaemon (LISTEN)
ruby      32818 troelskn   18u  IPv4 0xeb92ec3a04a40691      0t0  TCP localhost:armtechdaemon->localhost:52797 (CLOSE_WAIT)

Port 9292 also happens to be the default port for the ruby web application framework Sinatra, which I use from time to time. The system must automatically assign the "armtechdeaemon", based on the IANA list.

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Interestingly enough, I had to do quite a bit of digging on it to figure this one out. It's not a well known port. Even still I found little to nothing about who Rohan Story is or what ArmTech is. I also found a few other services used the port as well so they are something to look into for you.

Port 9292: ArmTech Daemon
Rohan Story
[email protected]

Also associated:
Port 9294: ARMcenter HTTP Service
Port 9295: ARMcenter HTTPS Service

From msterminalservices.org

ARMTech for Citrix is a workload management solution for Citrix optimization. It works with Citrix Presentation Server software to extend the system management capabilities of the Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server operating systems. ARMTech’s workload management capabilities give you the power to control how applications and users consume valuable server resources, including CPU and real and virtual memory. ARMTech manages every process on the system and ensures equal distribution of server resources, while protecting against OS starvation. So you can add more users and applications without compromising service levels.

Possible Services:
- ArmTech Daemon
- EMC2 (Legato) Networker or Sun Solcitice Backup (Official)
- QuickTime Streaming Server

  • Strange indeed. Rohan Story is listed with an email [email protected] - That domain redirects to Citrix. So maybe ArmTech has something to do with Citrix.
    – troelskn
    May 24, 2013 at 21:14
  • 1
    It looks like it does: msterminalservices.org/software/Monitoring-&-management/… - I wonder what the heck that is doing on my laptop though. To my knowledge, I'm not running any Citrix software.
    – troelskn
    May 24, 2013 at 21:17
  • Well I added it to the answer. Thanks for finding that one! Not quite sure why you would be seeing that if you don't run any Citrix Software.
    – Will
    May 24, 2013 at 21:30

To add to @Will Beninger's answer, a list of ports and common service names that it maps to, which tools like netstat usually reference is in /etc/services. This is from my Linux (CentOS 6) box, but I believe its the same on Unix:

$ cat /etc/services  | grep 9292
armtechdaemon   9292/tcp                # ArmTech Daemon
armtechdaemon   9292/udp                # ArmTech Daemon

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