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How can I download an entire website

I'm looking a mass-downloader to help me download the entire database from a site I have an account on. The requirements are simple:

  1. Login using my user and password (form-based login)
  2. Download all URLs of the form "http://site.com/ID", where ID is less than 1000.

What should I use?

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GetGo Download Manager seems to do that:

You can easily set up a Batch Download that not only downloads a large list of files using an URL pattern template, but also automatically renames downloaded files using a filename pattern template.


I strictly recommend NeoDownloader. I've been using it for years.

It downloads from password protected sites and supports downloading URL ranges.


Try Orbit Downloader. MANY options available with that.


I have had good luck with Offline Explorer. Allows you to access password protected pages and has lots of advanced options.


You can do this with wget, and possibly a very simple script (depending on how the site is set up).


HTTRACK works like a champ for copying the contents of an entire site. This tool can even grab the pieces needed to make a website with active code content work offline.

alt text

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