I think the title says it all. I've done my homework and the only command that I found was:

:set linespace=3

but it doesn't seem to work, neither on the Mac nor in Linux.

Edit: In Mac OSX you can actually configure the terminal to add to (max 1.5) lines How can I change the line-height in Terminal OSX If anyone know how to increase more than 1.5, that'd be helpful


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linespace is only available for the GUI version, i.e. gVim or MacVim, and not console Vim. So maybe you are trying in your terminal?

'linespace' 'lsp'       number  (default 0, 1 for Win32 GUI)
                        {not in Vi}
                        {only in the GUI}

If you want to modify the linespacing of your terminal you have to do it in your terminal settings, not in Vim. (Maybe you can do it programmatically in your .vimrc.)


you can' use linespace in terminal mode , it is for GUI only

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