I am using Chrome 28.0.1500.20 beta on OSX 10.7. In this version, when you perform a google search using the address bar the bookmarks bar disappears. Toggling "always show bookmarks bar" does not restore the bookmark (see screenshot below).

I want to always show the bookmark bar. In particular, I often use a bookmarklet that converts a current google search into a Google Scholar search.

Is there a way to always show the bookmark bar even when performing a Google search in Chrome?

enter image description here


Disabling "Action box" in your chrome://flags should help, at least it helped me.


I noticed that the favorites icon toolbar no longer disappeared when I changed some settings in the chrome://flags/ page. Unfortunately I changed a number of settings and I do not know exactly which one effected the favorite icon bar but I can say that before I made the changes I was having the exact same issue with my favorite icon bar disappearing and now that does not happen.

I should note that I am using Win 7 SP1


At first I thought this might be a bug, but it appears to be a feature. I haven't found any way to turn it off.


Found it. It's called presentation mode:

Go to the OS X menu bar while still in Chrome and click View » Exit Presentation Mode. Tis might kick you off full screen, no worries: View » Enter Full Screen.

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