I have a table which contains personal information of our staff, at the end of the table there are checkboxes for general training (medical, military, health and safety) etc.

Say for example i wanted to find staff with military experience, I want to be able to create a query that goes through all employees and only shows the entries that have a tick on the military training checkbox.

My access is a little rusty and reading through other forums all questions relevant to this are much more complicated than mine, or involve VBA.

Any help would be great!


I don't have Access in front of me right now, but if memory serves, you should be able to:

  1. Open your query in Design View
  2. Select your Table/Field
  3. In the Criteria row of the field, enter True (equates to a check in the Check Box)
  4. Save and run your query to confirm the results.

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