I am able to set Word 2010 to Autocorrect certain words to italics (for example, correct i.e. to i.e.). However, when I try this, after the auto-replacement the cursor remains italicized, so then I'd have to manually turn italics off each time. I've tried a million combinations of the way I select i.e. before entering it into the autocorrect list. I wish I could try to add "i.e. " instead of "i.e." and make sure the space isn't italicized, but Word won't accept an autocorrect entry ending with a space. Anyone manage to do this successfully?


If you use i.e. rather than i.e. (that is, leaving the last period un-italicized), then the cursor won't be italicized after the auto-correct. (Depending on the font and size, that last plain text period might not be noticeable.)

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