In my production environment, my default shell is an old version of csh and I cannot change it. How can I correctly login to my preferred shell? In particular, I would like to use bash. However the system bash is also very old so I compiled a newer version in ~/bin. The perfect scenario will be, I am using ~/bin/bash after login (e.g., ssh).


Put something like:

exec ~/bin/bash

in your login script (that's .login for csh).

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  • Thanks. The .cshrc in my home is fixed and turns out .login is the place I should go. – Ivan Z. G. Xiao Jun 4 '13 at 1:05

Inside your .cshrc you could put an exec ~/bin/bash.

This executes bash when csh is loaded.

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you need to be able to edit your /etc/passwd file


the last part is the shell loaded on login, If you want to use one in your home dir change the /bin/bash to new shell

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