How can I disable the system asking for the password after resuming from sleep in Windows 7?

I would like to be able to use it straight away after resuming from sleep instead of having to enter the password every time.


For actual sleep (hibbernation) the instructions are here:

  • Just head into Power Options in Control Panel, then click the “Require a password on wakeup” on the left-hand side.
  • Then click the “Change settings that are currently unavailable” link…
  • Click Prevent Windows Asking for a Password on Wake Up from Sleep/Standby

(Follow the above link, it has screenshots which are easier to understand).


For shorter periods, you'll probably need to do the same for the screensaver too:

  • Go to the "Control Panel".
  • Click on "Appearance and Personalization".
  • Click on "Change Screen Saver".
  • Unclick "On resume, display logon screen".


  • I just noticed I don't have admin rights to change the configuration. Grrrrr... – 719016 Jun 2 '13 at 12:44

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