In every windows OS, the User Profiles will be automatically created on the C: drive. We would like to migrate the user profile to the D: drive because then the data it will be saved in outr backup process.

How can I migrate the user directory from the C drive to the D drive?

Will this works if I make an image and re-image on different machine?

Details Platform : Windwow 7Enterprise Machine : DELL and Toshiba


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I just did this for a Win7 installation:

  1. Copy the C:\users\Username user dir to D:\users\Username

  2. Go through the registry and changing all C:\Users\UserName... to D:\Users\UserName...

  3. Reboot.

[The usual cautions apply: make disk/registry backups first]


Move the user folder to D: and then symlink it

mklink /J C:\Users D:\Users

You might need to use a bootcd/usb stick to fully move the user folder