I am able to connect to Windows 2008 R2 server from Linux Mint using:

$ xfreerdp -f -u <username on windows> -d <windows Domain>

but I want to connect to that server using Smartcard. Another try with:

$ xfreerdp -f --plugin rdpdr --data:smartcard --

didn't make success. What is right syntax for USB Smartcard reader 'Gemalto GemPC Twin 00 00'

$ lsusb
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 08e6:3437 Gemplus GemPC Twin SmartCard Reader

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You have to compile xfreerdp source code with


To check is everything OK with smart cards and USB reader

rdesktop -f -d YourDomain -u username -r scard:"Gemalto PC Twin Reader 00 00" x.x.x.x

To start xfreerdp in full screen mode

xfreerdp /f /d:yourDomain /smartcard:"Gemalto PC Twin Reader 00 00" /v:x.x.x.x

This works for Windows 2003.

For Windows 2008 R2 you have to start xfreerdp with -sec-nla switch

xfreerdp -sec-nla /f /d:YourDomain /smartcard:"Gemalto PC Twin Reader 00 00" /v:IP address


Just to add some current info and the source of the card reader string: (year 2020; openSuse Tumbleweed, but i expect current Linux Mint to use a simlar version of xfreerdp)

it works to connect to an Windows Server 2016 using the command:

xfreerdp -v:<servername> /smartcard:<string as given by pcsc_scan -r> /w:<pixel hor.> /h:<pixel vert.> /u:<loginname> /d:<domain> /dynamic-resolution


~> **pcsc_scan -r**
Using reader plug'n play mechanism
Scanning present readers...
0: OMNIKEY AG CardMan 3121 00 00
~> xfreerdp -v:server.local /smartcard:"OMNIKEY AG CardMan 3121 00 00" /w:2400 /h:1400 /u:winuser /d:mydomain /dynamic-resolution

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