Win+X shortkey opens a new console cmd tab with far3 home directory as starting point.

I wish Win+X to open cmd the same way, but the working dir to stay the same as the current one in far3 manager.


  1. open far in conemu
  2. go to any directory d:/any/dir
  3. press Win+X
  4. new console tab with cmd open
  5. working directory should be d:/any/dir

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Win+X runs new tab instance regardless of current tab state. That is by default.

You may type cmd -new_console in Far prompt and press Enter. That will do the trick.

For your comfort you may create macro in Far Manager or key macro in ConEmu.

Far Manager

Press Ctrl+. and type

[Esc] cmd -new_console [Enter]

Press Ctrl+. and choose desired hotkey.

Press Shift+F9 to save changes.


Goto settings, keys & macro and create new macro

print("\ecmd -new_console\n")

Choose desired hotkey and save settings


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