When pressing Alt+Tab in Windows, a small popup shows all running windows/applications, you can select by mouse, or keep pressing until the one you want is highlighted and release.

On the other hand, Ctrl+Tab is used to switch tabs within certain application or window instance, but usually there is no popup window to show icons of each tabs, since usually we click by mouse to select tabs.

I just wonder if there is an extension for Chrome that can let Ctrl+Tab to select tabs in popup windows? Recently I really enjoy full screen experience using Chrome and that allows me easily switch tabs without leaving full screen.

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For windows users, there's the perfect extension for this. It's called Tab Thumbnails Switcher.

It can redefine Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to show a popup list with your open tabs.
It doesn't have restrictions of which tab it can work on. It works everywhere.

Check it out on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HC7_EI8db4

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There are a couple extensions that render a menu of recently used tabs within the webpage you're viewing when you press a shortcut, but the drawback is they can sometimes interfere with keyboard handling and don't work on pages that Chrome doesn't allow extensions to manipulate.

The closest facsimile to the alttab behavior I've seen is offered by QuicKey (which I wrote). Once the extension is installed in Chrome, you can:

  • Press altQ but keep holding the alt key (ctrl key on macOS).
  • Press W to move down through the list of recently used tabs.
  • Press shiftW to move up.
  • Release alt to switch to the selected tab. (GIF animation of this flow.)

This works in full-screen mode as well. Not as nice as built-in support would be, but I find it pretty handy.

In addition to the most recently used (MRU) tab menu, QuicKey lets you switch tabs by searching for a title or URL. You can also search bookmarks and history and open those into new tabs.

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