How would I use powershell to count the number of files and the number of folders under a folder, emulating the Windows "properties" of that folder?

(get-childitem -recurse).count

returns the total object count (sum of folder and file counts), and

(gci -rec | where { $_.PSIsContainer }).count

returns the number of folders. But is there a way to count both folders and files in a single command without traversing the filesystem twice? I assume it's possible to write procedural powershell code with named variables and loops, but that doesn't seem like the normal way of using it.

And on a related topic, http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee692796.aspx describes two ways of getting a list of filenames:

Get-ChildItem C:\Scripts | Select-Object Name


Get-ChildItem C:\Scripts -name

The author claims they are equivalent, but with -recurse the first returns only filenames while the second returns the full path. Is there a way to get Select-Object to return a full path so that these two commands generate the same output? (A random stab at Select-Object Path produced blank lines, not paths.)

gci -rec -name
gci -rec | Select-Object xxx?

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You can grab the type of each item as you iterate through the files and then use the group-object commandlet to get a count of each type:

dir -rec | %{$_.GetType()} | group-object name | select name,count

Name          Count
----          -----
DirectoryInfo    15
FileInfo         26

To answer your second question, just select the FullName property:

Get-ChildItem C:\Scripts | Select-Object FullName

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