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As i have understood it when i read the information on the tor homepage and they recomended me not to use extensions/add-ons because browser and extensions/add-ons are shown to whoever i choose to connect to. This, they stated, could be used to recognize me as very few had the same setup of extensions/add-ons.

So my question here is this: Is there a way to hide my extensions/add-ons and browser i am using from those i connect to with my browser?

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It's not only this. It's, too, about extensions being able to contact the server directly, bypassing your Tor proxy thus revealing your real IP address.

Your browser may, indeed, send headers as some other browser, but extensions can change the page behavior and even when they don't bypass your Tor anonymization, they can reveal they do exist. If they didn't, some of them wouldn't even work.

  • Okey so extensions can bypass tor. Can extensions bypass VPN protocols such as OpenVPN? – Odd Bak Jun 10 '13 at 23:07
  • "extensions being able to contact the server directly" - mitigated by running the torified application (browser or whatever) inside a sandbox that doesn't allow traffic to go anywhere except the local tor. – AnonymousLurker Jun 11 '13 at 1:58

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