I'm trying to use the vim submatch command to put quotes around all strings of characters in a line of text, and it doesnt work. Here's what I'm doing


All it does is replace all strings with the string (submatch(0)). How do I make vim do what I'm trying to do?

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submatch is not the best solution to do this. I was doing some helpgrep on \\=

And I find this:

                *sub-replace-special* *:s\=*
When the {string} starts with "\=" it is evaluated as an expression, see
|sub-replace-expression|.  You can use that for any special characters.
Otherwise these characters in {string} have a special meaning:

If you insist in using submatch you can use it in this way:


However a more readable solution is:


You have to capture each match by surrounding the pattern with a pair of braces \( and \). Having done this you can use the actual matched text in the replacement pattern with \1.

The following command does what you want:


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