I am booting a Windows 8 PC into Chrome with "--kiosk" added to the path so I have kiosk mode enabled. Now I need to disable every key that would allow the user to exit the kiosk mode. So far I have identified:

  • All function keys F1 to F12
  • Alt-Key (e.g. Alt+Tab)
  • Windows Key

Ctrl+Alt+Delete will be disabled by Group Policy (gpedit.msc and then navigating to User Config > Admin Templates > System > Ctrl+Alt+Del options). Do you see more key combinations that would allow a user to exit other than this?

What script would I need to disable the 3 combinations above and how would I create a prompt for a pin code dialogue in AutoHotkey, like we press Alt+F7 and now we have to enter a 6 digit pin to unlock the keys and Alt+F8 to lock the keys?


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Some other browsers like FireFox and Opera have many keys already locked.

Here is a script to lock some of the keys down. For the F1..F12, you will have to fill-in the missing keys... You might have to add Ctrl+Esc (^Esc::Return)

!Tab::Return ; Alt-Tab
!F4::Return ; Alt-F4



The easiest way to lock/unlock the keys is with "suspend". You can do that this way.

InputBox, Code, Unlock,Enter the unlock code.,HIDE
If ErrorLevel
If (Code = 1234)
    Suspend, On

    Suspend, Off

P.s. untested code....

You could also add a check every 200 ms or so, to see of your kiosk is indeed "on top" and if not, refocus windows to the kiosk...

  • Will it prevent Win+L combo? Just curious. Commented Nov 19, 2013 at 6:21

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