From some time usually record long outputs with tee to later less them, this is awesome to review configure and make outputs and such, but fails when the script or program is installation like, asking for human input.

This Write a log file of a user interactive process using tee? is the more relevant related question search engines give, but dont want to solve it using screen as it is said there. Even though all of this is being done inside a tmux session, prefer to not rely on the insert your screen emulation solution here to solve this.

Unlike in that case, here dont mind the user input, but i think a program fails at some point and i can not look where. System is with no X suite, so can not scroll back to view the entire output with a konsole or alike.

Anybody got ideas?

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Use "script" - typescript of terminal session.

$ script --help

From the man page of script :

 script makes a typescript of everything printed on your
 terminal.  It is useful for students who need a hard‐
 copy record of an interactive session as proof of an
 assignment, as the typescript file can be printed out
 later with lpr(1).
  • okay this is giving me much more information than needed but gets it done.
    – 174140
    Jun 14, 2013 at 6:30

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