I have few audio files which have .wav extension. I tried to get information about this file using soxi <foo.wav> command but I got following error :

soxi FAIL formats: can't open input file foo.wav': Unknown WAV file encoding (type a100)

So I used MediaInfo tool to get more information about this file I got following information about this file:


Format : Wave

File size : 51.4 KiB

Duration : 1mn 18s Overall

bit rate : 5 339 bps


Format : G.723.1

Codec ID : A100

Duration : 1mn 18s

Bit rate : 5 328 bps

Channel(s) : 1 channel

Sampling rate : 8 000 Hz

Stream size : 51.3 KiB (100%)

According to this information it seems like this file is has G.723.1 format and SOX is not able to understand this format.

So I would like to know :

  • My conclusion that SOX does not support this type of file is correct?
  • If SOX does not support this type of file then installing some codec will help? I have seen lame command on few web pages but not sure if it will help me or not.

Request super users to help !

Thanks in Advance !

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Yes, SoX doesn’t support G.723.1. Installing an optional package won’t help either.

As Jet said, FFmpeg should be able to read the file (according to the list of supported audio codecs). If you just want to convert the audio to a different format, this should do it:

ffmpeg -i foo.wav -c some_codec -f some_format output_file_name

You can view a list of supported codecs and formats with ffmpeg -codecs and ffmpeg -formats, respectively.

If you want to do some further processing with SoX, you can use FFmpeg to decode it and pipe the result into SoX like this:

ffmpeg -i foo.wav -f sox - | sox -p output_file_name effects ...
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I think FFMpeg will help you. It's free (and open-source).
And it's available for Windows and Unixoids.
It can convert almost all known types of audio/video/graphics.

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