I use three different systems to synchronize my files to the cloud. Google Drive is for my Android tablet, Skydrive for my Windows 8 phone and Windows RT tablet and Dropbox for things at work. This works fine, but on my main desktop at home, these three come together on a single system. Here I have a folder called "Shared" and below three folders, each for every virtual drive. Which is logical, since each system handles completely different data. I have eBooks for my Android tablet, pictures from my phone and projects from work all nicely separated. Works like a charm!
Except, I have a few files that I want to be available on all three systems. Files that are updated regularly on my home desktop. (Read only by my other devices.) And right now, to share with all, I need to copy them twice. This is not okay...
What's the simplest (and cheapest) way to make sure I can share a single folder between these three cloud drives, without having to share everything?

  • Be aware: the share is needed on just a single system! No remote sharing, because I use those cloud drives for remote sharing... – Wim ten Brink Jun 16 '13 at 9:19

Try making a folder in one of those, and then symlink it form others (For God's sake, backup whatever you place there). On windows LinkShellExtension is godsend.

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