My team uses Exchange 2010 as mail server.

I had some problems with Thunderbird and deleted my accounts data from it, and used the web interface for some time. I moved and renamed a lot of folders. Now I re-created my accounts, it accepts my login data and shows the old folder structure with the previous names.

After some experimenting it seems that if I move or rename a folder in Thunderbird, the web interface shows the change, but if I move or rename a folder in the web interface and then try to open it on Thunderbird, I get the following error message:

enter image description here

The current operation did not succeed. The mail server for account [name] responded: INBOX/[FOLDER] doesn't exist.

I can still open the inbox and I receive new emails just fine. I can use any folder on the webmail.

  • Someone with the same problem in 2009... superuser.com/questions/89543/… – That Brazilian Guy Jun 18 '13 at 15:27
  • Have you tried to delete your Thunderbird profile. It sounds like Thunderbird is still using the old cache problem which would be a problem with Thunderbird not Exchange. – Ramhound Jun 18 '13 at 15:39
  • @Ramhound Only a dozen times or so. – That Brazilian Guy Jun 18 '13 at 15:40

I managed to find a fix for the issue. The following answer is meant for Thunderbird 17.0.6 in Ubuntu, but might work in other versions / OSes as well:

  1. Unsubscribe from the offending folders where the error happens
  2. Compress / condense your folders
  3. Re-subscribe to your folders (you can press space to select all visible and marked folders)

enter image description here

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