I have a scanned document in PDF format.

I asked Adobe Acrobat Pro XI to recognize the text.

When I copy all the text to a Word document some of the text is not recognized correctly.

Problem: Acrobat only lets me edit the "suspect" texts, but I can't find how to edit the non-suspect text, which Acrobat thinks has recognized it correctly.

Does anyone know how to edit any or all of the text recognized by Acrobat, not just what it considers "suspect"?

Note: I do not need to change what appears on the screen, only to tell Acrobat what the correct text is, so that when I publish my PDF file, users can select the correct text.

Scanning the document at higher resolution is not a possible solution in my case.

If there is an open-source application that will do this I would be happy to try it out.

Thanks in advance!

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