I have installed XAMPP 3 on Windows XP, and I am trying to configure Mercury to catch all outgoing email on my development machine.

This is for the purpose of testing the email feature after registering a locally developed web application.

Any ideas?

  • please fix grammar, provide links to the software you are using (mercury), name the OS etc. assume for a moment you should answer your answer: what information would you need to do it?
    – akira
    Commented Jun 26, 2013 at 15:33

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After having the same question (well, at least in the idea) i found the solution to catch all mail using mercury:

  1. Make sure you permit relaying of non-local mail: Screenshot
  2. Create a user for catching all the emails (note: it can be any name, not necessarily 'archive'): Screenshot
  3. Create a new user in 'MercuryD POP3 Client'. use the same username as you did in (2): Screenshot
  4. in Configuration>Filtering rules>Edit global rules... create two new 'Always triggers' rules in the following order: Screenshot

Note that 'forward message' rule should have parameter set as the email of the user you created on (2): Screenshot

Now set up your favorite email client with the catch-all user you just created, and you're all set.

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