I installed rEFInd on my new Macbook Air which I planned on using to do a dual boot to Linux, but prior to installing Linux, I decided to encrypt my drive. I knew I was going to do this, so I had already installed rEFInd with the --esp option.

When I rebooted after this however, it seemed to have deselected rEFInd for boot. I reinstalled, but when I did and rebooted, my Mac partition would not show up in the bootloader (only the recovery partition). I ended up needing to hold Command+Options+P+R to get it to boot again.

Any help getting these two to work together would be much appreciated.

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Reading through this thread, I found some guidance for mac os 10.7 in this comment, but later comments seem to indicate rEFIt should handle most of this automagically now (a year later).

Have you re-installed rEFIt after turning on the encryption?

I would suggest getting both OSes working with rEFIt and then turning on the disk encryption.


what i did was backing up my computer setting it up as new and leaving the encryption off so i install refind and enjoyed it very much. installing some of ubnix based OS'es without any problem

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