I am presently using Bash (with Cygwin), as well as Powershell, both using ConEmu. I'm using bash.exe and powershell.exe via tasks. I'd like to use different colour schemes for the different applications. I'd imagine this has to be done somehow via the app-distinct part of settings.. However, I can't figure out exactly how, and couldn't find a solution to the problem. I'd also like to know what the colour palette override does, and how to use it. I want the end result to be so, such that the two windows can be opened together(along with their respective colours) in ConEmu by the use of Tasks.

P.S. I have configured and made a separate colour scheme for the Cygwin tab (console) of my ConEmu. I'd like to ask Maximus specifically for help, as well as anybody who could help me.

Thanks in advance! :)


As you said, in Settings, Features, App distinct, click on +, and input the executable name such as vim.exe (for multiple applications, use |, such as vim.exe|nano.exe. Then you can check Color palette override and choose the color scheme you want to apply for the application. In my case I had to restart ConEmu for it to take effect.


Just add the names of the respective applications under Features > App Distinct and override the color palette. I'd post a screenshot but I don't have enough rep.

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