I have several power point presentations as pdfs. I would like to read them on the original kindle in landscape format. When I read the original on the kindle then a single slide won't fit on the kindles display.

I thought the easiest way to convert the pdf was to repring it with a pdf printer. However I don't know the paper size to use.

I already tried using Calibre as suggested by this question. However the output is not usable because of formatting issues.

So what paper size should I use for the pdf printer to reprint them in landscape format or are there any other tools I could use for that task?

  • PDF is a printed format. (e.g. when you create the PDF you already decide how wide your paper/kindle display is going to be). This is not very flexible. What you really want is to save the text/presentation in a non-printed format where the device can adjust the output (e.g. as HTML, rich text or any of the native ebooks format. There is a reason they created these formats.) – Hennes Jun 29 '13 at 15:56
  • @Hennes I'm aware of that, but that just won't work for the slides I want to read on the kindle. – SpaceTrucker Jul 1 '13 at 6:35

I reprinted them with a pdf printer for paper size 129mmx90mm. With that size each slides fits on the kindle display.

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