I have to maintain a system (debian) on which several users are allowed to install programs - so I would like to log, for example, if anyone executes "apt-get install" or "apt-get purge", so I can keep track of manually installed packages..

I'm looking for a general way to achieve this; it's not just APT, but several programs/scripts etc.

Any ideas?


a google-search with few different keywords brought up this:





This is exactly what the GNU Accounting Utilities (acct) are designed for.



Maybe this can work for your needs, if the users uses sudo for installing packages try this:

$ sudo cat auth.log | grep sudo(or apt-get or any other program/script)

You can also print the results to a file and create a cronjob for this.


Disable "sudo su" for simplifying the logging.

1. Use visudo for editing the sudoers file.
2. Add a line like this one: Cmnd_Alias  SUCMD = /bin/su
3. Be sure to use !SUCMD for the user or system privileges: %sudo ALL=(ALL) ALL,!SUCMD
  • thanks Abrahamsson! just like many other approaches, this wouldn't log everything after "sudo su".I've been at a loss yesterday; a google-search with few different keywords brought up this: serverfault.com/questions/201221/… stackoverflow.com/questions/15698590/… sourceforge.net/projects/rootsh – user234646 Jun 30 '13 at 15:01
  • Seems like the easiest way is to disable "sudo su" i will edit my post for that. – Carl Abrahamsson Jun 30 '13 at 23:16
  • thanks for your mail! again, one could slip out of this, eg. by starting a shell in emacs or vi or whatever. i'll take a closer look on gnu acct, as nod suggested; think that would do the job. – user234646 Jul 1 '13 at 8:34

Snoopy is simple to start with.

If you need more (in terms of reliability or 'uncircumventiability'), you should look towards proper auditing solutions.

Disclosure: Snoopy maintainer here.

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