Say you have three files open in Adobe Illustrator, but you exit out of the program. Is there a way that you can have those three files opened back up when you open up Illustrator again? Similar to how most text editor programs are set up -- so when you open up the program again all your last stayed-open files are there.

Also, does anyone know what the terminology for this saving-behavior is? State-saving? Googling to find the answer is difficult within the sea of Illustrator 'saving files' questions.


No, Illustrator does not have built-in persistent files capability. Here's a question on Graphic Design looking for the same feature. It does happens when the program crashes, then the recovery dialog will open up anything that was auto-saved. But I wouldn't recommend purposefully crashing Illustrator just to accomplish this.

If you're interested in a slightly less automated solution, you might be able to write a script to save your current list of opened documents and re-load it later. The API gives access to Application.documents and Application.open(). But that would still require some manual labor of running the script each time you need to save or re-load the document list.

Application.documents - Read-only. The documents in the application.

Application.open(file [, documentColorSpace] [, options]) - Opens the specified document file.

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