I have a short question regarding shape patterns in Visio 2013.

I created the following image with Visio 2013 - it's basically two rectangles with different background patterns.

two rectangles with different background patterns

What I want to do is the following:

in the overlapping area, I want the background patterns to "add up".

I already tried changing opacity, but this didn't lead to the wanted result.


This is possible - though not obvious how to accomplish.

First, start off with the shape as you have it.

enter image description here

You commented that changing the opacity didn't work. That's because in the UI the opacity is set for both the foreground color (the red lines) and the background color (the white space between them).

However, by using the ShapeSheet, you can set them individually.

So, right-click on the top shape and select Show ShapeSheet.

enter image description here

Then navigate to the Fill Format section and notice the value for FillBkgndTrans.

enter image description here

Change the value for FillBkgndTrans to THEMEGUARD(100%)

enter image description here

And then you'll get the effect you want.

enter image description here

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