I use Bitlbee's own public server (im.bitlbee.org). I have added my Facebook-account to it, but I've noticed that group chats don't work.

I have few group chats on www.facebook.com, but they won't transfer to the IRC-server. Is it atleast possible to manually add the chats if they won't automatically appear? If so, how?


I've noticed that facebook doesn't work very well with bitlbee
(my own new issue is that facebook kick my bitlbee login, claiming I'm already connect)

Anyway, I think that is is related to message/chat. In particular, I have contacts that disable chat completely. I can still message them fine (via web site), but no message they send is treated like a chat (and is not sent to bilbee). I believe that "Group Chats" are handled more like a "Group Messages", as they show the same behavior as above.

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  • Fb works otherwise fine for me, but I don't still know how do I open or join in existing group chat. I'm also open for alternatives to Bitlbee :) – naf Jun 30 '13 at 17:01

there's now a new module for bitlbee, details are on: https://wiki.bitlbee.org/HowtoFacebookMQTT

With this, using the /fbchat, /fbjoin and /fbcreate commands, you can use Facebook group chats (again).

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