My PC is running Windows 8 Enterprise X64 (French). I'm trying to upgrade to 8.1 preview, so I downloaded the 64 bits ISO of Windows 8.1 preview (french):fr_windows_8.1_preview_x64_dvd_2358804.iso

My I start the setup from the media, the setup does not propose me to upgrade and keep my applications. Only Keep personal files only and Keep nothing are available.

When I read the technet page Supported Upgrade Path, upgrading and keeping everything should be proposed.

Why can't I upgrade? Do I missed something?


Windows 8.1 Enterprise has not been released yet. Its not expected until later this month.


Computers running Windows 8 Enterprise

Wait for the availability of the Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview ISO, which should be available in the coming weeks. Watch for an announcement on this blog when it is available.


On any Windows platform, you cannot go from Windows Enterprise to any other platform by doing an installation update. You will have do a clean install. Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview is not available in the Windows Store, or Windows Site for download. We are all waiting for that particular release.

  • On one of my computers, I choose this path to solve my issue. No as simple as I thought (long install, have to reinstall some apps, ...)/ But this worked. For production computers, I'll wait a Enterprise edition of the update (or even the RTM version) – Steve B Jul 24 '13 at 8:10

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