I'm trying to set up a sync server for Chromium/Chrome, but i'm totally failed. I also couldn't find a How-To (like this here for Firefox) for that.

I only found this question from '10 on superuser and a corresponding chromium bug which says that the command line flag --sync-url="<your server here>" is required.

Could someone help me and give me the exact instructions what I need to do to set up the sync server on Ubuntu?


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Use this python file to run a chromium sync server. (taken from the blog post) Several other files to test it are in there as well. Get the server running and point your '--sync-url=""' option to it.


There is now a repository that has a sync server written in python.


I have pointed to a fork as it has more recent changes for new versions of chromium

should be as simple as: python sync_server.py --port=8090

Here's some more details on the sync protocol too:


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